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Path Program

Do you have a job?  For those of us who can say yes to this question, how many can say that they are satisfied or happy?  For many of us, the job is not a path we follow through life but a means to pay the bills.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. 

For those who have found their paths, their "job" brings them not only money, but satisfaction and joy. Movie directors, sports stars, entrepreneurs, small business owners -- no matter what these people are doing or how they got there, they have found a way to enjoying that part of life that we all spend so many hours doing. 

What differentiates them from you? Everyone may have a different answer, but in the end, it's not about skills or abilities as much as the belief that it can happen.

The Path Program can help you find your way to a satisfying career.

PATH Program

Meet with your specialist 8 times and:

  • clearly see what you want to achieve
  • grow confidence that you can do it
  • feel pleasantly surprised that you are making progress without the feeling that you are pushing yourself.
  • naturally find yourself moving toward your goal
  • crystallize the image of who you are when you find yourself doing that thing you love
  • let go of the negative thinking that stops you

what do others say about the path program?


Dan M. - Business Consultant

Working with Scott has helped me focus more clearly on my goals and aspirations in my consulting business.  Specifically, his training has been very helpful for me to tackle preconceived ideas and change them to be aligned to what I want to accomplish - for a bigger and better future.  I would not hesitate to recommend Scott's training for those looking to improve their outlook in business and life.


Alex R. -  CFO, AIG K.K. Japan.

I was between jobs in my early 40s when i started my motivation training with Scott.  Though i had plenty of experience and qualifications, I was not able to find a position that satisfied my requirements.  After searching longer than I wanted, I agreed to try Scott's training.  The exercises we did together really helped.   Soon I was not only able to get clarity on what I wanted to do, but I started confidently believing that something would come soon, and what do you know, within 2 months after finishing the program with Scott, l landed a good position in an international corporation that met all my requirements.  It felt like I was back in the driver's seat again. 


Prem Krishnan - Professional Artist and Illustrator

For most people, 80% of achieving anything is mental. The other 20% is the work involved.

Scott's programs work to strengthen that 80%, undoing harmful self-narratives, and helping you align your subconscious and conscious goals. Many self-help programs work to teach you tricks and plans; Scott's programs help you rid yourself of self-sabotaging habits, and at the same time, train you in strategies to overcome your natural resistance to change.

The techniques Scott uses are well-documented as effective, and my personal experiences with Scott's program backs this up.

I am working with Scott on his career program, and in the course of the program, Scott has helped me to identify the best long-term career path for my lifestyle, and has helped me define a clear path to achieve those goals. It's work on my part as well; this isn't a fire-and-forget kind of program. But in working with Scott, I'm finding great insight into my own limitations and developing the tools to get around those limitations. I'm over half-way through Scott's program, and I've got a much clearer idea of how to achieve my goals, and the momentum to carry myself down that path.

I definitely recommend Scott's programs for anyone who is struggling to achieve a goal, whether it's fitness / weight-loss, career stagnation, or anything really. Retraining your mind to support your efforts is the key to long-term, long-lasting success, and Scott's programs are a very effective means to get you over that hurdle.