Body Program


body Program

It's clear that the way we think about things is how they are.  Don't like cats?  They probably sense your feelings and react negatively when you are around- reminding you that you don't like cats.

The same goes for your body.  Think its hard to lose weight?  You might try to diet, but don't think it will work so you give up after a short amount of time and don't see any results - confirming that you can't lose weight.

Hate exercise?  What do you think: will you build that body you desire if every workout is torture?

How would it be if you really, truly thought that you could lose wight?  Seriously, if you had the attitude that dieting and/or changing your eating habits was just a thing you did when you needed instead of giving up something precious to you, would you start to get slim?

How about fitness?  How would your life be different if you thought that moving your body and getting your heart-rate up was kinda fun?

Do you think these two attitude changes might make a difference?

This is what the Body Program is all about: changing attitudes.  The Body Program naturally and painlessly adjusts your perceptions of diet, fitness and health in ways that allow you to naturally make the changes you need to get fit and feel good about your body. 

If you make the choice to do the Body Program, you will start to feel good about your body and health in just a few weeks.  After only 8 meetings with you can:

  • Get a plan for your fitness goals
  • Get a vision for your goals
  • Adjust your thought processes to support your health goals
  • Build a mental self-image that looks like the you that you want to be
  • Dissociate your unhelpful food cravings from the satisfaction you get from them
  • Feel excited about dietary choices that are "good" for you
  • Find time and energy to exercise
  • Start feeling positive and excited about your health goals.

If you are ready to take the next step and talk to me for more details, arrange a complimentary, pressure-free consultation.  Just click the button and start your journey to feeling and looking good.

The Body program will help you change your outlook and help you feel excited and naturally confident about giving yourself the body you deserve.

what do others say about the body program?


      Name: Nadia K

      Situation: I wanted to work on eating healthier and exercising more with the goal to lose weight.

      Message: The experience I had working with Scott was very positive and productive. The main benefit I experienced was developing a deeper awareness of the underlying thoughts and emotions that were interrupting my ability to reach my goal. I feel that the work I did with Scott helped me get out of my own way and helped me to implement the strategies and techniques that I know to be effective with weight loss.

      Scott is a very kind, compassionate, and supportive teacher and facilitator. The sessions are structured but are also organic as he adjusts the session based on what you're experiencing. I highly recommend enlisting him to help with whatever goal you're trying to achieve to lead a more healthful and fit life.

      Extras: Yes, I lost 5 pounds while going through the 6 sessions. My motivation to consistently exercise increased and I also found myself motivated to cook healthier foods at home and to prioritize my wellness goals. In addition, my desire for sweet foods decreased and I found it easier when shopping and eating out to abstain from my trigger foods. Overall, I noticed an increase in my ability to focus and stay on track with the healthful behaviors associated with weight loss such as logging my food, prioritizing exercise, eating healthful foods in reasonable quantities, and getting enough sleep.

      Name: Mark H.

      Situation: My primary focus was on weight loss and motivation to workout

      Message: I was not sure what I was walking into when I began the program with Scott, but I am happy to say that it was a great program. Scott is very easy to work with and his program has real benefits. The exercises he works on with you are very simple and help guide you to find deeper meanings and desires than you knew you had. By the end of the program, I had changed the tone of my speech and thought patterns to a far more positive and constructive tone. Along with the more positive attitude, I also have a more clearly defined goal that will be easier to attain, as I know know the true motivations behind my cravings. Along with a better understanding of yourself, you will also gain several tools to use in those crisis situations where you are potentially going to have a weak moment to overcome the cravings and desires to stay in line with your goals to lose weight.

      In the 10 weeks (8 sessions), I lost 20lbs and managed to begin to accomplish many of the small tasks that were bogging me down. The sessions with Scott gave the motivation to maintain my diet and improve my attitude, so those tasks where achievable. I am still losing weight (32lbs total now) and my house is beginning to resemble the place I want to live.

      This is not some hypnotism scam or magic pill cure, this is to provide you the information and tools required to not only achieve your weight goals, but also for your life goals.

      I would highly recommend working with Scott. He is very kind, patient and understanding. I found him very easy to open up too.