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Our health and fitness are deeply connected to how we think about them.  Start the Body Program and feel good about the vessel you live in.

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Are you feeling dissatisfied with your career path?  Is it time for a change?  Explore the Path Program and get on track to a work experience that no longer feels like work.

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Money - we all need it to live in society.  The question is, how to get enough to feel satisfaction?  Try the Wealth Program and watch your money grow.

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MOVE AHEAD is me.  I'm Scott Bohart - a motivation trainer.  I specialize in drawing out the motivation you need to have a better life - including your health/fitness, your career goals and financial stability.  Click here to read more about me.

Listen to this 8 minute interview I did on the radio describing what I do and how it works.


clients have this to say about Move ahead

Prem Krishnan - Professional Artist and Illustrator

I definitely recommend Scott's programs for anyone who is struggling to achieve a goal, whether it's fitness / weight-loss, career stagnation, or anything really. Retraining your mind to support your efforts is the key to long-term, long-lasting success, and Scott's programs are a very effective means to get you over that hurdle.


Ann Schultz

Message: Upon first meeting Scott, I was immediately struck by how compassionate he was. I knew something about NLP. When I heard, then, that he was a practitioner of it, I asked Scott if he would work with me on a problem I was having with a family member.

To me, NLP is so much easier to do than therapy. It is less emotional, yet it can yield terrific results. In my case, I was astonished by how much I gained in my very fairly priced session with him. I gained a huge number of insights and simultaneously dramatically decreased my negative energy towards my family member. That session was about three weeks ago, and I am still getting insights and emotional release.

I give Scott my very highest recommendation. In the session, he spent a lot of time discussing strategies with me that we could use and really listened very intently to my situation. In addition, he stayed in tune with my feelings and was quite compassionate regarding the speed at which we worked.

If you have never tried NLP, I truly recommend that you give it a try with Scott as the expert practitioner.

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